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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Virgin Remy Hair?

Virgin Indian Remy hair is widely considered to be the highest quality of human hair used for extensions and weaves. “Remy” or “Full Cuticle Hair” is hair that has maintained the outer cuticle layer which is critically important when it comes to hair tangling, longevity, volume, and how luminously the hair shines. Typically hair is of “Remy” quality when it has been collected directly from a woman's head and has been cut while held in a ponytail, so none of the hair strands fall to the floor. Because of the careful collection process, only “Remy” quality hair can guarantee that all cuticles will stay aligned and the hair will be tangle-free hair in its most natural form. Virgin hair is essentially hair that is completely free from artificial products, treatments, or other processes that permanently alter the fundamental integrity of the hair. Hair is still considered Virgin after basic washing and conditioning. True “Virgin Indian Remy” hair lasts for a long time, can be reused several times, and can be colored or flat ironed with heat just like one's own natural hair.


FACTMost human hair sold in the hair industry undergo a cuticle-stripping process called an acid-bath. Then, a silicone is placed over the cuticles to give the hair a faux shine and smooth appearance. This silicone wears off when the hair is washed causing the cuticles to be disturbed and the hair to mat and tangle easily. Remy hair does not mat or tangle because the cuticles are aligned and intact without the use of silicone.

Where does Indian hair come from?

Premium grade Indian hair is sourced directly from temples in Indian where women, men, and children travel to have their heads shaved as a sign of humility. Each year temples auction off the hair collected which is sorted by hair length and graded based on quality. The proceeds from the auctions are returned back into the community in various charitable forms. Hair Junkie and Company only purchases the highest grade Remy hair to use in our hair extensions.


Why is Indian hair so special?

Indian hair is highly regarded in the hair industry because of its flexibility, durability, and texture. Indian hair is naturally thick and lustrous and it comes in natural shades of black and dark brown and everything in between. Virgin Indian hair is never sold by specific “color codes”. Since virgin Indian hair is never colored and is sold in its natural state, there may be slight variations in color between bundles. If this is the case don't get disappointed, this is actually a good thing. Your experienced hair stylist knows how to blend two packs of hair with slight color variation. And when it is blended properly, this actually gives you a more natural look and better depth of color, because in our own head, hair naturally has multiple shades of color and is never of one flat color.


A Word on Brazilian and Malaysian Hair Extensions.....

It simply does not exist... 90% of the hair on the market is either Indian or Asian hair. Most Brazilian hair is Curly Indian Hair that has been purchased from India by Brazilians and marketed and resold as

Brazilian Hair. So if you are looking for Brazilian Hair, we'd recommend purchasing the curliest bundle of Indian Hair and if you want to call it Brazilian Hair.... it'll be a secret amongst friends.

The same applies to Malaysian is usually Indian Hair blended with Chinese hair to give a sleeker and straighter feel to the hair.If you are looking for straighter or sleeker hair we'd recommend Double Drawn Natural Bone Straight Indian Hair.

At Hair Junkie and Company we don't believe a little creative marketing is wrong but we draw the line at misleading our customers.


What is Single Drawn Hair?

Single drawn Remy Hair has been collected straight from the donor but is made up of different lengths with the cuticles intact. The very short strands have been removed.


What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double-drawn Remy Hair is hair that has been sorted after collecting from the donor to ensure all the cuticles are of the same length. This procedure is done in it's entirety by hand. It is the most expensive type of Remy hair because it takes meticulous time to sort the cuticles.


What does the terms "bulk" and "wefted" mean?

Bulk hair is loose hair typically used for braiding or a wide variety of styles. Bulk hair is used to make a wefted piece. Wefted hair is bulk hair sewn into a weft or woven fabric by machine or hand.


How Much Hair Do I need?

If you are getting a full sew-in weave the average person requires about eight ounces of hair which is equivalent to 2 packs. We recommend buying 2 packs of hair (lengths between 10” to 16”) and saving any extra hair for later. If you are using hair over 16" we suggest purchasing an additional pack (3 total). It is always best to have enough hair than run out during the installation. Since the hair is sold by total weight the rule is: “The longer the hair, the shorter the width of the weft.” Also, take into consideration that the number of packs required depends on the style and volume you desire. For example if you want a celebrity weave with a lot of volume and layers, you will need 3 to 4 packs of hair.


Can I color this hair?

Yes! Our Virgin Remy hair of premium quality has never been chemically treated and it can therefore handle the coloring process very well. However, once you color or process virgin hair, it will no longer be virgin. If you chose to color the hair, it takes and holds permanent, semi-permanent, lift, and cellophane beautifully! (We strongly recommended you have this done by a professional colorist).


What type of hair care products should I use?

Treat this hair like your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your Indian hair once per week, but avoid using oil or heavy styling products.


Do I have to do anything special in the morning?

Yes, we strongly advise you to comb or brush your hair when first waking up. Just bend your head forward and gently brush your hair from the ends towards your scalp. Starting from the ends keeps the pressure off the weft area and is a good way to maintain the longevity of the extensions.


Do I have to do anything special at night?

Sleeping on damp hair will always damage and tangle hair and over time may cause hair odor. NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR! Just make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to sleep and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.


Can I go swimming?

Yes, but you might want to braid your hair or pull it into a ponytail before you go swimming in order to prevent tangling. Wash the hair afterwards and make sure it is well conditioned. We recommend using a spray-in conditioner when you get out of the water to keep the hair soft and manageable.


How long does it last?

Hair Junkie and Company Virgin Indian Remy hair can last up to a year depending on how you maintain it. Treat it like your own hair and take good care of it for it to last longer. Many hair extension specialist prefer Indian hair because it is beautiful and unprocessed which makes it last longer than any other hair on the market.


Truth vs Hype

Choosing a hair supplier can be overwhelming since so many sellers claim to offer “virgin,” “remy,” or “real Indian hair.” Unfortunately, with the growth of the market, comes competition. Many suppliers are resorting to dishonest and deceptive practices to market their products. Many are marketing Chinese, processed, animal or "beauty supply store" quality as Premium Virgin Remy or Full Cuticle Hair. They also add silicone and chemical products to hair to enhance its appearance. Another dishonest practice is representing chemically textured and processed hair as naturally textured. The Hair Junkie and Company does not subscribe to these dishonest practices.


FACT: About 90% of the human hair for sale (including commercial “remy”) by beauty supply stores and some online hair retailers have been heavily processed to achieve the look and feel. It is usually low quality, stiff and wiry hair of Asian (Chinese) origin, and sometimes mixed with synthetic and animal "filler" hair. Such hair is collected in a disorganized manner (tops/ends mixed up), stripped of its cuticles by soaking it in an acid bath, colored with metallic dyes, and further chemically processed to achieve certain textures. It arrives coated heavily in silicone, giving it a temporary "tangle free" nature and unnatural shine, which rinses away with the first few washes. Once the silicone coat is gone the significantly degraded hair leads to intense tangling, gathering, matting, stiffness, and dryness. Because the hair has been so heavily processed, it usually cannot handle any further processing (e.g coloring, perming, heating, curling, straightening). This type of hair is usually only good for one extension service and must be disposed of, leading to an expensive yearly cost if you are a frequent extensions wearer. So, if you use beauty supply store hair, you will save some money initially, but in the long run you will end up spending more. This is one area where you definitely get what you pay for.


Product Disclaimer

Virgin human hair is distinct and no two heads of hair are exactly alike. When you place an order with us you will notice that there will be some variation between our pictures and that of the hair you receive. Our hair is beautiful and unique, just like you!





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